Allergen Information Sheets

The allergEAZE epicutaneous contact allergen product line consists of over 600 individual allergens, 7 series, 15 categories and 13 groupings, in either petrolatum or liquid base, supplied in polypropylene/polyethylene syringes or tubes.

All allergEAZE allergens are manufactured by a GMP-certified pharmaceutical company in accordance with guidelines on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). Certification review by Germany's Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI) is an ongoing process. Many of the allergEAZE allergens have already received certification by PEI, while remaining allergens are either under current review or in the pre-submission developmental phase.

Why allergEAZE allergens?

  • Certified allergen concentration
  • Useful allergen sortings by Series, Groupings, Categories and Alphabetical Listing
  • User-friendly dispensing syringes or tubes

Easy ordering

For your convenience, allergens are available to be ordered in:

Series: allergens listed as recommended by regional research groups

Categories: allergens are listed by product type and may include multiple concentrations of a single allergen

Groupings: allergens are grouped by occupational or exposure source with preselected concentrations based on recommendations from international research groups and comprehensive literature

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