allergEAZE® Patch Test Chambers

allergEAZE<sup>®</sup> Patch Test Chambers by SmartPractice

The allergEAZE Patch Test Chambers are designed as an allergen delivery system and provide a means to place allergens or allergen mixes in contact with the surface of the skin. The product is intended for use by, or under the supervision of, a physician for use in:

  • Diagnosing contact dermatitis and photo-contact dermatitis
  • Experimental skin testing and allergy protocols

allergEAZE Patch Test Chambers are:

  • Open and easy to pre-load
  • Ideal for both liquid and semi-solid allergens
  • Comfortable for patients due to rounded corners (panel and chambers) and flexible material
  • Designed for excellent occlusion with a small chamber area, ideal depth, increased spacing and raised edges
  • User-friendly with pre-cut registration notches
  • Convenient with prefixed filter paper
  • Economical: the small chamber volume requires only small amounts of test allergens for optimal skin contact
  • Functional-the smaller panel dimensions allow room on the back for multiple patches


  • Rows/chambers: 2 x 5
  • Chamber size: 8mm x 8mm (64mm2)
  • Chamber volume: 40 µl (max) = 20 µl of test material
  • Between chamber spacing: 9mm
  • Between row spacing: 16mm

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allergEAZE Patch Test Chambers

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